Naarm - AU
Architecture / Music

Grateful for the Heartache
Stage design, live visual operation by Carla Zimbler
An excerpt from 'SINK'
Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler
Filmed By Al Film Australia 

Live at Golden Plains Festival
March 7, 2020. Meredith, Victoria — AUS

The Good In You
Video Produced & Directed by Simona Castricum
Featuring Zen & Jac
Cinematography by Nina Renee
Talent Coordination by Tessa Rigby
Assisted by Wheat Wheatley.

The Present
Video Produced & Directed by Simona Castricum.

Supertouch ft m8riarchy
Featuring Simona, m8riarchy & Em Gayfer
Creative Director — Simona
Cinematographer — Gianna Mazzeo
Project Manager - Sooz Boag
Production Assistant — Gilda Jones
Latex and Leather — Eagle Leather.

The Half Light
Directed & Edited by Tobias Willis
Cinematographer — Gianna Mazzeo
Production Assistant — Zachary Bradtke,
Colourist — Jacob Harris @ Colourdesk
Extras — Becky Freeman, Jacob Harris, Bec Thompson, Tobias Willis
Band — Raquel Solier, Em Gayfer, Elliot Hughes.
Live footage shot by Kathleen Lee. Photography by Alex Dubois. Production by KEWL

Directed by Xanthe Dobbie
Cinematography by Nina Renee

When Program is the Enemy of Function
Live at KTH STO / SWE

Nights Don't Breathe

Season 4 / Episode 6
Live at Transgenre Howler MEL AU
Filmed by Julian Honeysmutt

No Allegiance
Live-To-Air at Triple R, MEL AU

Breakfast of Champions

No Allegiance
Directed by Harry Hughes

Ennis House Pool
Directed by Warwick Baker

Live at MPavillion, MEL AU

For The Crimes You Can't Express

Directed by Tara Nielsen
Styling by Tehani Perham @ Dominion Wept
Dharsha Maurice (Teale Coco)
Makeup by Daphne Camf

Takes You Here/There
Live at Paradise Festival VIC AU
Footage by Kewl


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